What is Produced by Fitas Construction?

We have a unique approach in the production of metal facade systems for modern buildings. Metal facades, which are otherwise a 21st-century invention in architecture, serve as an important aesthetic and functional surface for contemporary buildings. Fitas Construction leads in this field, creating facades that perfectly combine form and function.

Infinite Design Alternatives

The facade systems produced by Fitas Construction offer a wide range of design alternatives. Through the various designs we develop, clients have the opportunity to choose a system that meets the needs and style of their building. Quality and innovation are the essence of every product that comes from our production line.

Product Diversity

We take pride in the diversity of our products, which find a place in all types of constructions. Including windows, glass facades, staircase and balcony railings, and ventilated facades in various materials, our products provide suitable solutions for every architectural project.

Technology and Innovation

The technical solutions we offer are the result of our patented and certified technologies. Our team has employed advanced technologies proven in many facades exposed by us worldwide. This ensures guaranteed quality and high performance for the projects we build.

Collaboration with Clients

We understand that each project has its own needs and challenges. Thus, collaboration with our clients is the key to our success. Through a close and open relationship, we work together with our clients to ensure that each product is suitable and fully meets their vision.

Fitas Construction: An enterprise that produces not only facades but also values and adaptability in the world of modern construction.