Functional and Secure Access on All Facades

Innovation and Performance

Fitas Construction presents a true innovation in the construction industry by offering the latest technology in the form of rental platforms, providing maximum safety and efficiency at work. The combination of steel beams, counterweights, and aluminum bases makes these platforms a real improvement over traditional access tools for height.

Mobility and High Capacity

Our mobile platforms are motorized machinery equipped with electric motors, offering a capacity of 380v to ensure easy upward and downward movement at the worksite. This level of mobility ensures that the work is carried out efficiently and without obstacles, enabling your team to reach the necessary heights and angles for their projects.

Adaptability and Efficiency

The evolution of architecture and various projects requires tailored and intelligent solutions for vertical access. FITAS Construction offers you the most suitable and efficient platforms for a safe environment and productive work. The use of high-performance machinery and sustainable platforms ensures that the work becomes not only more efficient but also safer for the entire team.

Time Saving and High Performance

The use of machinery and sustainable platforms from Fitas Construction reduces the working time of your elements. The high performance of these machines and their adaptability to the geometry of your building guarantee an efficient and uncomplicated process. Through advanced technology, FITAS Construction leads in providing innovative solutions for various projects in the construction field.

3 main benefits of a functional height access solution tailored to your building

  1. Maximum Safety for Personnel: Our rental platforms, tailored to safety standards, provide a functional and guaranteed solution for height access. This crucial aspect ensures a safe working environment and boosts the confidence of your staff in every construction project.

  2. Longevity and Brilliance of Your Facade: Regular use of our rental platforms results in a noticeable improvement in the longevity and brilliance of your facade. Continuous work at heights with suitable and efficient equipment influences the final appearance of the building, giving it a better shine and presentation.

  3. Efficiency and Time Savings: The use of high-performance machinery and stable work platforms reduces the working time for your elements. The adapted geometry with the building and modern technologies ensure efficient resource usage and faster project completion. This results in cost-effectiveness and improved on-site efficiency.